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Photos: Kano State Boys Celebrating Eid-el-Kabir Wearing Igbo Attires

Twitter user, Aminu Zimit‏ shared these photo of Kano state boys celebrating Eid-el-Kabir two weeks ago wearing Igbo attires;

see some reactions below;

liberator_007@ghetto_nigero. Thats what the colonial masters did. They came, they saw and they conquered. Achieving Biafra wont stop the Igbos from conquering the defunct Nigeria. Business is the Universal Language spoken by all. Imagine forcing the millions of Igbos in lagos out, those 500m naira lands will drop to 1m because the demand will be lost.

dtallmaleficentEven if they’re playing pretense, it’s all in love. Most of the commenters negating the image have so much hate in their heart and they wonder why good things are not happening to them. Wonder no more earthling, wonder no more.

iam_chris0_All of you saying rubbish about the Igbo’ s here are mad. Biafra will solve all this rubbish talk very soon. We are not one and we will never be. If you like dress like my father that’s your problem it does not mean that you like me. You guy killed innocent Igbo men and women every week, every mouth, every year why? We are better neighbours than staying in the same country with injustice against one tribe..
je_mapelle_immaI truly wish Nigerians could stop being pretentious about these things. There is more to loving and accommodating a person and his culture than just dressing up in his akwete cloth or his aso oke.


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