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Plastic Surgery Addict Left With Permanent Erection After A Botched Operation

Pic shows:Neven Ciganovic riding the float penis.
A reality TV star surprised his followers by sharing a picture of himself riding a giant inflatable penis in a swimming pool.
Neven Ciganovic, 47, posted the photograph of himself posing outrageously with the inflatable on social media.
He is seen wearing only swimming shorts, a baseball cap and shades in the picture.
Ciganovic, who is also a fashion designer and stylist, said he had been looking for a pool toy in the shape of a flamingo, a swan, a pizza slice or a doughnut.
“But sorry guys I couldn’t find any of that, I have only this one realistic replica of my own tool,” he said.
“If Kim Kardashian can have a floating replica of her butt, then I can have my own floating tool replica.”
The photograph and his comments quickly found favour with Ciganovic’s online fans, who have grown accustomed to his antics.
Netizen ‘Antonija’ commented: “You are a king! You have said it well! They are posing with everything they find!”
‘Marburi’ said: “This is too cool”, ‘Salini’ noted:” Too pink for my liking”, while ‘Ian’ added: “Can I get one too?”
Ciganovic, originally from the Croatian city of Zagreb, came to fame on reality TV shows including Survivor in Croatia and Couples in Serbia.
He is also renowned for the amount of plastic surgery he has had on his face as well as for the tattoos on his body.

Neven Ciganovic, a plastic surgery addict, claims a botched nose job has left him with a painful and permanent erection.

The 45-year-old reality TV star said he flew to Iran to have an operation to fix his crooked nose but began to suffer long-lasting erections after he returned home to the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

The Croatian stylist said: “I was in Iran for rhinoplasty for the documentary film that Channel 4 is filming covering my life. We did not record the surgery but only the consultation sessions with the doctor. They gave me general anaesthesia and I reacted badly to it.”

According to News.com, Neven said during his plastic surgery doctors diagnosed him with the rare condition, priapism, a condition where men suffer painful erection that lasts for several hours.

The reality star recovered in hospital, but said doctors there refused to give him painkillers despite him being in agony.

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